Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Thai prime minister Samak Sundaravej

He often hurls personal insults* at journalists during interviews; he used to have his own cooking show (before the generals took the TV station off the air following the coup); a right-winger in army backed governments accused of human rights abuses (update: read this post), he is now the leader of the anti-coup faction in Thailand; he doesn't speak English very well; his nose is so big that sign language interpreters refer to him simply as "Mr. Rose Apple Nose." And he admits to taking his marching orders from the deposed former prime minister who presently lives in a Hong Kong hotel.

Meet Samak Sundaravej, the new prime minister of Thailand.
Photo: Samak goes shopping. From the Asia Tribune.
* At a news conference recently he became irritated when a female reporter pressed him on whether he would be prime minister. Rather than answer he shot back, asking if she had "sinful sex" the night before.


  1. Hi Jotman

    That was such a useful blog. I read about Samak's cooking show in the Guardian today. It wasn't until I read your blog that I learnt about his politics - important information missing from the Guardian piece. I refer to this and link to you in my blog, My kind of show. Thanks, Elisabeth

  2. Thanks Elisabeth. I like your food blog (am a red lentil fan too).


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