Thursday, January 31, 2008

New way to advertise your blog

You can write your message on "the wall." Rick did:
. . . you too can have any message you want sprayed on the wall by Palestinian artists for a bargain 30 euros . . . My mum will see this on Sunday and I am quietly confident I have cornered the more unusual end of the get well greetings market . . . Now, what other artifacts of oppression can I advertise on? (Crass, moi?)
The FAQ section of the website says the idea "popped up at a workshop in Ramallah, Palestine, where Dutch advertising pro's worked with creative, young Palestinians." They explain the purpose of the project:
. . . your message reminds Palestinians trapped inside the Wall they have not been forgotten. You help to keep hope alive. 'Our' Palestinians want to send you one single, simple message: "we are human beings, just like you, with sense of humour and lust for life." That's why they do this, and enjoy it. . .
Proceeds go to an NGO. More at Ten Percent.
Photo: Sendamessage/Ten Percent.

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