Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anti-coup book banned in Thailand

This is quite ironic. The week when Thais should be celebrating the restoration of freedom and democracy, a book written in condemnation of the coup gets banned.

Giles Ungpakorn's book, A Coup for the Rich, has been banned by Thai authorities.

It is available for download here (PDF).

In addition to being critical of Thailand's 2006 military coup, the book raised questions about the political role of the monarchy. Another recently banned book is The King Never Smiles -- which I have read, blogged and reviewed.

Photo: by Jotman. The anti-coup pro-democracy demonstration of September 22, 2006 -- which I live-blogged (see here) -- was organized by Giles Ungpakorn (Wikipedia biography of Giles Ungpakorn)
h/t: Bangkok Pundit, who has posted here and here about Ungpakorn's book (also see New Mandala's post).

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