Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thailand general election 2007: results forecast and live-bloggers

Update: latest Thai election results posted here.

Here is a summary of the predicted outcome for the Thai election (via Bangkok Pundit):

Thailand’s third-largest newspaper, the Daily News, on Dec. 14 predicted the PPP could win around 190 seats, the Democrats about 125 and the Chart Thai party, headed by former Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa, 58 seats.

Bangkok Pundit (BP) says the Matichon Weekly's forecast looks quite similar. With the new constitution the number of MPs was reduced to 480. So at least according to the most recent polls, it doesn't look like the PPP is likely to win a majority. An (unstable) minority government is most likely outcome.

Who is live-blogging the Thai election?

Bangkok Pundit will live-blog the Thai election results, providing summarized translations from the Thai media (print and TV).

New Mandala team will be live-blog the Thai vote from Canberra.

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