Monday, December 31, 2007

World leadership material

I believe this man has the ethical compass to lead Americans, and the instincts for world leadership. I'm talking about US presidential candidate John Edwards (WaPo):

The enemy he sees is corporate America and corporate greed. His message seeks not to unite America but to finish what he describes as "an epic struggle" against forces that are, literally, killing America -- destroying jobs, holding down wages, putting ordinary Americans out of work or denying them medical care.
A true leader confronts genuine problems, not trivial ones. By contrast, fellow Democratic Party contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hesitate even to name this root cause of America's troubles today (and by extension, those of the whole world).

Shortly after Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, John Edwards was on the phone with the Pakistani President. To me, that kind of small deed speaks volumes about his willingness to constructively engage other nations.

Check out his video interview with Bill Maher.

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