Monday, December 31, 2007

Burma Smile

Photo by Jotman.


  1. Happy New Year Jotman! Glad to have discovered your great -and growing!-work (although I would wish for better circumstances). Maybe 2008 will bring some postive movement in Burma, despite the crackdown I think they have reduced the military's hold, maybe not hugely in the everyday but maybe most crucially in people's minds.
    And I'm with you on Edwards, I like Kucinich but realistically Edwards has a chance and he is not a corporate republican lite shill. He actually mentions poverty!! It is amazing how he is almost censored out of coverage even though he posts the best poll results against all challengers, corporate power does not take kindly to exposure.

  2. I hope your hunch about Burma turns out to be correct.

    Edwards is somebody who makes me feel quite hopeful about this year. I think he has not got anywhere near the coverage he deserved until now: but now the media realizes they will look incompetent if he wins and they forgot to mention he was in the race! The beauty of Iowa and NH is that the corp. media cannot dictate the outcome -- a democratic moment.

    I look forward to reading your blog as the year unfolds. Happy New Year Rick!


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