Sunday, November 11, 2007

Atrocities in Burma ongoing

THAI-BURMA BORDER: On this website I have documented the actions taken by Burmese government against the peaceful protestors. The regime continued to murder people last week, as it had in the weeks, months, and years leading up to September's protests. A robust humanitarian aid group operating in the jungles of Burma, the Free Burma Rangers, reports:

On 6 November, the Burma Army repeatedly shelled rice fields in the Yeh Mu Plaw area of Muthraw District in the Northern Karen State. . . Nine villagers have been wounded and two have been killed in these attacks against villagers trying to harvest their rice. A woman and her thirteen year old daughter were captured earlier last week in this area and have been sent back to Division 88 headquarters. Their condition is unknown. . .

The Burma Army is attempting to disrupt the harvest during this crucial time for local farmers. At present, 64 rice fields are being blocked and controlled by the Burma Army. . .

These attacks are the most recent phase of an offensive that has displaced over 30,000 people and killed over 370 villagers in Northern Karen State from 2006 to present, 6 November, 2007.

The tactic of the Burma army now, as before, is to starve out those villagers it did not manage to shoot or blow up. This is what I am hearing.

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