Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jotman doesn't only write about Burma and Thailand

Although my "Reporters Without Borders Award" specifies my coverage of recent upheavals in Burma and Thailand (comprising hundreds of posts), at I have blogged about a range of other issues. These are some I want you to know about:
  • Nuclear proliferation. I have blogged the highly questionable US-India nuclear deal since the moment of its public inception on the White House lawn in 2003.
  • Australia seems just about as lost as the United States these days. I have series of posts about what's happened to Australia under John Howard.
  • I have written about the erosion of civil liberties in the US under the Bush Administration. I'm proud of two posts I wrote in defense of Jose Padilla. The US media obediently accepted his trial verdict as "justice served." I didn't -- here's why.
  • At, I have documented how the US media undermines the capacity of Americans to understand the world. They played cheerleader in the build up to the Iraq war, leaving the hard questions unasked.
  • Their silence continues, but Jotman remains vigilant about the prospect that Bush will start a third war (with Iran). Using humor, I documented an attempt by neo-conservatives to smear an authority on the preparedness of the US military to fight Iran.
  • On the subject of the US media, why were alleged atrocities in the wake of the crackdown in Burma reported mainly in the British press -- why not also in the US media? What was that all about?
  • I blogged the resurgence of Russia as world power long before it was headline news (including the link between the state of Kalmykia and Burma).
  • I was a victim of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Read my recent reflections on that terrible event.
I invite you to visit Jotman regularly. Also, I have two other -- quite different -- blogs that may be of interest to you: is where I share -- sometimes humorous -- personal insights about travel. I also investigate travel safety issues. concerns my philosophy of health and happiness. I am presently writing a book on this theme. My thinking here has been strongly influenced by the great American psychologist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi.
* Here are three testimonies to the utter imbecility of the US media that have occurred in just the past four days:

  • Thursday: During a nationally televised debate, CNN had this question asked of America's 2008 presidential candidates: "What do you prefer, diamonds or pearls?"
  • Friday: Newsweek hired Karl Rove, the political strategist responsible for George W. Bush's numerous disasters, to write a weekly column for the magazine. This follows in the wake of Time Magazine's decision to hire Bill Kristol, one of the leading "thinkers" behind the Iraq war.

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