Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wake Up to the Gravity of the Situation in Burma

The world seems to be losing interest in Burma. This presents a bit of a problem for the Burmese. Here's why:

  1. Monks and civilian protestors are presently being round up and sent to concentration camps.
  2. We have a report from a defecting Burmese general that the junta issued orders to execute prisoners.
  3. We have at least one report of the mass murder of monks in a monastery.
  4. Three hundred thousand of Burma's 400,000 monks are said to have taken part in the protests.
It is entirely possible -- I would even say quite probable -- that a Holocaust is ongoing in Burma at this moment. I can't prove it. But just put the accounts compiled here at together -- some of which have yet to be widely reported in the mainstream media. The reports in question have been labeled "unconfirmed."

Silence and denial is typical in these circumstances: Germany, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan -- the world never wakes up to the horror of a Holocaust until it is too late. Why is this? Early "unconfirmed" reports leak out every time. Perhaps we don't want to take those early reports seriously, because early reports put us in an awkward position. Because it's not yet too late for us to do something. We know that we could stop the horror if we chose to.

The strategic vulnerability of the Burmese leadership is strikingly apparent. It's hunkered down in a remote town it built for itself in the middle of the jungle called Napyiydaw. It would appear an easy target.

The world should speak to Burma's brutal generals in the language of brutal generals. That language isn't Chinese, and it's not UN-speak either. Now -- before it is too late -- the world must send a clear message to Burma's leaders: exterminate your people and face your own destruction.

What about China? China would not be happy to hear this kind of talk, of course. But Burma does not belong to China. It belongs to the Burmese. And China is not the all-powerful USSR. Basically, China would have to live with the consequences of having supported a brutal and unpopular regime for too long.

For those who would execute the Napyiydaw Option, the idea makes a certain amount of sense in cold geopolitical terms. If only the world was a larger place than the Middle East in their small minds.

The time has come to talk openly about the Napyiydaw Option (see post). How can we live with ourselves if we don't?

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