Monday, October 29, 2007

Strange Burma Story - Part II

I was in Burma in the middle of October. I went there to find out what I could about the situation following the brutal crackdown against the monks and other demonstrators. I hope you will read my serious investigative stories of the situation -- including video and interviews -- here.

However, the first thing I saw when I walked out on the street in Burma struck me as -- well, one word for it would be "strange." Actually, it was something so unexpected that I could hardly stop laughing.

The last thing I went looking for in Burma was comedy, but that's the first thing I found there. Make of it what you will, Strange Burma Story is told in a two-part video (visitors from YouTube and may already have seen Part I).

Strange Burma Story, Part I: "Paying Attention"
Click here to view Part I.

Strange Burma Story, Part II: "What's that?"

Videos: by Jotman.

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