Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Burma on Oct 3: Soldiers hunting protestors.

-Soldiers announced they were hunting pro-democracy protesters in Burma's largest city Wednesday and the top US diplomat in the country said she heard that military police were pulling people out of their homes during the night.(AP)

- U.S. embassy personnel have found some Buddhist monasteries completely deserted while others were closed off by soldiers. The acting U.S. ambassador found the absence of the leaders of last month’s demonstrations conspicuous: “There is a significantly reduced number of monks on the streets. Where are the monks? What has happened to them?” (AP)

-Burma's military authorities have released 80 monks who were rounded up last week in the Rangoon crackdown (Reuters via Irrawaddy)

- Unconfirmed reports that police units in the southern areas of Yangon and in the east of the country are planning to revolt (poster at Ko Htike)

Updates on Earlier Events
-Over 10,000 people in the Arakan town of Man Aung staged another protest yesterday against the Burmese government's harassment of demonstrators.

- Authorities yesterday released 90 of 400 monks detained in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state, during a midnight raid on monasteries on Sept. 25. (DVB)

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