Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why I jot about Burma not Myanmar: Part II

Jim Fallows laments the woefully misguided political correctness of the New York Times and CNN. Both media outlets refer to Burma as Myanmar -- the name given to Burma by the Burmese junta. Fallows blogs:
. . . on the argument that Burma is a “colonial” name: If a country changes its name in the process of becoming independent, no problem. Today’s Ghana had been the Gold Coast as a British colony; when it became independent 50 years ago, it became Ghana too. New country; new name. But suppose a junta took over Mexico tomorrow and said that henceforth the world must call the country Atzlan. . . It’s not a new country; it’s just a new regime, and there would be no need to oblige them, just there is no need to dignify the brutal Burmese generals.

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