Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"We cannot win Iraq solely in Iraq."

Words spoken by General Petraeus to the US Congress yesterday. Is this kind of talk a prelude to a US attack on Iran? Perhaps it is, comments Sullivan.

The authority on any US invasion of Iran is journalist James Fallows. He says US Congressmen have their heads in the sand. Because such an attack could very well be launched in the next year or so, and, he blogs:
We can be sure that such a strike would a disaster — for America. (Reasons laid out in the Atlantic in 2004, 2006, and 2007.) We can speculate that many members of the military are so aware that it would be a disaster that they might at least think about the unthinkable: resigning or in some other way resisting the command. We can wonder why the Congress, now trapped by the logic of “we’re there now, so we can’t just cut and run” about Iraq is not taking clearer steps to rule out an attack on Iran while they still can.
Wise words. Is anybody listening?

Quite simply, particularly with this administration, the US poses as much a threat to itself as does any rouge state. Most of the world knows this, even if Americans have been slow to recognize it.