Monday, September 10, 2007

Police Brutality at APEC Summit in Sydney

Is this Burma? Mainland China? Last night, the news in Australia featured at video of a woman photographer being thrown to the pavement by half a dozen Sydney police (shown here). It looked like she may have been badly hurt. As the person who posted this other video of Sydney police activity noted:
what blows me away is how the media is reporting this as a peaceful protest. i guess its peaceful if you dont take in account the police actions.
According to the TV report, many police weren't wearing their name badges. Clearly, there needs to be an investigation not only into police conduct, but the instructions they had been given by the federal, state and city officials. The video clip showing the female photographer being ruthlessly thrown to the ground is grounds for a full scale independent inquiry.

A pattern of assaults by police emerges when you view the videos. Essentially, it's not a question as to whether police brutality occurred, but the extent of government complicity in the brutality. How did the police come to be instructed to employ thuggish violence? Had directives encouraging of such tactics been issued by the Prime Minister's office? Australians need to know.