Friday, September 28, 2007

What Happened in Burma on September 28th?

The focus is on major events. This post is updated as information comes in.

Last update: 23:50 in Bangkok (23:20 in Rangoon)

Rangoon (Burma Net)
-Junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe and Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, his second in command and the commander in chief of the army, are reported to have disagreed over the response to the demonstrations.
- Maung Aye, who is apparently opposed to the bloody crackdown
, is scheduled to meet with Aung San Suu Kyi.
- Aung San Suu Kyi taken to Yemon Military Camp on the outskirts of Rangoon.
-Unusual troop movements may be underway in Rangoon.

-Internet and telephone lines said to be cut off in many parts of the country. (Ko-htike and WP)

Countryside (Mizzima)
- Burmese troops from middle Burma have started to march towards Rangoon -- the troops are from Central Command based in Taung Oo and South East Command.
- Military aircraft are taking off from the Matehtilar airbase.
- Commotion in the Light Infantry Division 33 and 99 of the Burma Army.

- Thousands of protestors are on the streets (Ko-htike)
- News agencies reported several hundred people gathered near Rangoon's revered Sule Pagoda, only to be dispersed by soldiers marshaled behind coils of concertina wire and rows of trucks. Otherwise, they said, the downtown area seemed mainly to be deserted as residents reeled from the violence of Thursday. (WP) Comment: Perhaps the news agencies have underestimated the number of protestors?

- 5000 protestors "closeted on the road" near Theingyi market "disperse." "We cannot see the other end but on this side there are three military trucks . . ." and "about 100 soldiers blocking the road," an eyewitness told Mizzima. Comment: Is the implication here that 5,000 protesters are trapped? (Update 9/29: "When the troops charged, the protesters vanished into narrow side streets, only to emerge elsewhere to renew their abuse until darkness fell and an overnight curfew took effect,"reports BurmaNet)
- Demonstrators gather at Trader Hotel to start a peaceful march. Demonstration to be led by politicians elected in the 1990 election. (Irrawaddy)

Mandalay (Mizzima)
- Rumors of the use of medicated-water to crackdown on protestors in Mandalay are making the rounds among local people.
- About 300 soldiers the 33 regiment taking up positions near the monasteries. "Monks in the monasteries said they saw some troops who looked like Chinese or Wa troops." Comment: Chinese troops?

- Soldiers and security forces patrolling the city; numerous security personnel deployed in the area of Sule Pagoda. (Mizzima) Nearby, 10 fire trucks took up positions around the City Hall (Irrawaddy).
- Tharmwe Township: "Peace and Development offices are closed since yesterday. Some officials are avoiding office. Some have gone into hiding. The administrative mechanism is starting to decay and it is affecting up to the district level. We are not even daring to stay in our own house," a local resident of Tharmwe told Mizzima.

- Burma's security forces sealed off the five main monasteries in Rangoon and declared them no-go areas to prevent anti-government protests. (BBC)

* Map of Rangoon is from The Herald Tribune.

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