Saturday, September 29, 2007

Burma Round-up for September 28: More than 100 dead protestors?

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This report just in from Mizzima (9/29 11:00 in Bangkok):
>September 28, 2007 - 5:20 p.m - Troops opened fire on more than 10,000 protesters in Pazuntaung at about 4 p.m (local time).

Last Updated: 02:20 in Bangkok (01:50 in Rangoon)

Friday was by all accounts less deadly than Thursday; protests appear to have been widely suppressed. Not only did fewer protestors take to the streets, the Internet was taken down. Tragically, original estimates of Thursday's death toll -- notably the Burmese government's report that nine had died -- now appear too low by several orders of magnitude according to the British Prime Minister and other sources.

Here are some observations that strike me as significant, taken from the most recently published accounts:

  • "Myanmar’s forces appeared to have succeeded today in sealing the monks inside their monasteries" reports the NY Times.
  • ". . . sources said they had spoken to a Western witness who had seen up to 35 bodies lying in the streets" reports CNN.
  • Khin Ohmar, the head of the Thailand-based Asia-Pacific People’s Partnership on Burma said she had heard from witnesses that “more than 100 were shot down at Tam We high school in Rangoon” but the number of deaths could not be confirmed (FT).
  • At least 2 people killed in Mandalay (FT).
Scroll down for my comprehensive review of all the major events reported in Burma on September 28.

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