Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ban Bottom Trawling

It's just as serious but more urgent than stopping global warming, but nobody talks about it. It's time we all educated ourselves about"bottom trawling" -- a despicable fishing practice that causes untold ecological damage. Greenpeace puts the strong case against it in blunt terms:
We are campaigning for an immediate halt to high seas bottom trawling. If allowed to continue, the bottom trawlers of the high seas will destroy deep sea species, before we have even discovered much of what is out there. Think of it as driving a huge bulldozer through a lush and richly populated forest and being left with a flat, featureless desert. Think of it as beef farming by dragging a net across entire fields, cities and forests to catch a few cows. It's like blowing up Mars before we get there.
Apparently it's even uneconomical (the major bottom trawlers operate on state subsidies)! Greenpeace has more information about bottom trawling. I will be exploring this issue in future posts.