Thursday, July 26, 2007

This Man's their Dam

One man serves as dam, holding back the floodwaters of justice; investigations into Bush Administration criminality. That man is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Bush's legal buddy since his days as Governor of Texas. Bush cannot fire Gonzales, because if he does, the US Congress will not confirm another such stalwart friend of Bush to serve as chief law enforcement officer of the US. Rather, Congress would confirm a person of integrity to the position of Attorney General; a person willing to approve investigations by the US Department of Justice into allegations of Bush White House crimes. So from Bush and Cheney's standpoint, Alberto Gonzales is irreplaceable, indispensable. The man's their dam.

Yesterday, Gonzales faced a panel of US Senators. As Josh Marshall notes, Gonzales was "basically called a liar to his face by the top Democrat and Republican on the committee." TPM has compiled a video of the "ugliest parts" of this remarkable spectacle posted here. How long will the dam hold?

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