Monday, March 19, 2007

Investigators: Southern Insurgents Responsible for Bangkok Bombings

This Bangkok Post story (via New Mandala) reports that police investigators now have evidence that would appear to confirm what I have long argued. Namely, that it is not Thaksin supporters (as the Thai government had proposed), but Southern Insurgents who are responsible for the terrorist attacks around Bangkok on New Years Eve and early New Year's morning. Money quote:
The police team investigating the New Year bombings in Bangkok and Nonthaburi has concluded that a southern separatist group was responsible for the nine explosions. Police are now hunting for a man with a southern Thai accent who bought 300 silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) diodes, used in the assembly of bomb circuits, in Bangkok’s Ban Mo area. A highly-placed source in the investigation team said the insurgent group responsible for the nine bombs wanted to show its capability to launch terrorist attacks outside its home region.

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