Thursday, March 8, 2007

Australia issues new (and broader) warning concerning travel to Thailand

The Bangkok Post reports that Australia has issued yet another warning to its citizens about visiting Thailand:
"We continue to receive reports that terrorists may be planning attacks against a range of targets, including tourist areas and other places frequented by foreigners," Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs said in its latest advisory.

It said more attacks could occur "at any time, anywhere" in Thailand.

"The increase in violence in Southern Thailand may lead to attacks elsewhere in Thailand, including Bangkok and other tourist areas, such as Phuket and Pattaya," it said.
Previous warnings issued by foreign embassies over the past two weeks concerned the threat of attacks in Bangkok. For what may be the first time, a foreign country has warned its citizens that terrorist attacks could occur in touristed regions of Thailand outside the capital. Phuket in particular is named this time.

As I reported in some earlier posts, the Phuket-Krabi tourist region is particularily vulnerable, especially in view of its international profile, proximity to the southern-most provinces, and importance to the Thai economy. Of particular concern to me is that fact that some of the Kingdom's ferry-boat ports appeared to have no security measures in place.

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