Friday, January 12, 2007

Junta Issues Direct Threat to the Thai Media

For the first time since the coup d'etat, a Thai general has pubically issued a censorship order to the Thai media (from the Straights Times):
I want to ask every television channel and every radio station not to broadcast messages or statements of the former prime minister and leaders of the past ruling party," General Winai Phattiyakul told a gathering of 100 media representatives.

"If they don't listen, you can kick them out of your station or if you can't use your judgement, I will use mine to help you run your station," Winai said.

It was the first time the generals have issued a censorship order since they ousted Thaksin in a bloodless Sept. 19 coup, accusing him of rampant corruption, charges he denies.

Have the junta's true colours begun show? That general sounds like a thug. As this Jotman interview reminds us, Thaksin's over-arching control over the Thai media outlets was not merely one of the main the justifications cited for the coup d'etat, it was also the biggest reason why some Bangkok residents supported it.

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