Monday, November 13, 2006

Was Iranian President Ahmadinejad one of the US Hostage-Takers?

A Jotman reader from Russia writes:
"A former Russian intelligence member" disclosed a photo of someone resembling Presidentg Ahmadinejad, through the newspaper Kommersant. The photo was taken during the US embassy hostage crisis of 1979. The young man resembling President Ahmadinejad stands outside the Embassy building with a rifle on a shoulder strap. The photo was taken "by a Soviet citizen ... who had no formal accreditation in Tehran... but was able to move freely within the city."

The Kommersant asked two former hostages, Mr Kevin Harmening and Mr Charles Scott about the photos. Although Mr Harmening could not say whether or not the man in the photograph was among the hostagetakers, Mr Scott positively identified the man. Earlier, Iranian sources rejected Ahmadinejad's participation in the storming, although they admitted he was involved in its planning.
When I compare the old photo to this recent photo of the Iranian president, I too am struck by the resemblance.

I was reading today that the Israelis are beginning to worry that their one true ally -- the Americans -- are about to cozy up with the Iranians. It's looking like the country that will benefit the most from the US invasion of Iraq will be Iran.

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