Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thought Police in the Classroom

Politicians fear that US students are so easily brainwashed that laws must be passed to prohibit the discussion of politics in college classrooms. This, from an op-ed in the Washington Post:
The College Access and Opportunity Act, passed by the House in March and under consideration in the Senate, aims to deny federal funding to institutions -- even private ones -- that refuse to comply with ABOR's limitations on speech.

In truth, these efforts only hurt the students they purport to help. Horowitz and his backers aren't protecting our rights; they're impeding our educations. The Academic Bill of Rights would substitute political correctness for the free exchange of ideas on campus by preventing faculty and students from discussing fresh or controversial ideas in class. It would restrict what professors can teach and what students can learn.
This story is evidence to me that most of the politicians who occupy the US Congress pander only to their right-wing base. It is my impression that this kind of law would be both unconstitutional, and nearly impossible to enforce. But if Americans re-elect this Republican-dominated Congress in 10 days, then I suppose anything is possible.

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