Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One Night in Bangkok

Dawn is breaking in Bangkok, roosters are croaking. Thai television networks are broadcasting Royal Family music videos. Continuing is my eye-witness account of the situation in Bangkok around the goverment buildings in the immediate aftermath of the coup d'etat. I have lots more photos to share.

The Bangkok Post, one of two English language Thai papers, just arrived at my Guesthouse. Headline reads: COUP D'ETAT. (I can't get to the website, so I'll quote you what it says. "The coup leaders call themselves the Democratic Reform Council, led by Gen. Sonthi." They claim to represent all the armed forces. As for what they claim as the immediate pretext for the coup, the generals say they wanted to avert a potential confrontation between opposition party protesters and the "forestry police" who were scheduled to move into Bangkok today armed with rifles. I'll try to link to the article when it's up, and let you know more when I finish reading it.

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