Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jotman's River Poll

One week has gone by since tanks rolled through the streets of their city. How do Bangkok residents feel about the coup now? Local newspapers published a poll shortly after the coup, but who trusts a poll conducted under the barrel of a gun? Today I conducted my own poll. I spent an hour this evening riding public ferry boats up and down the Chao Phraya -- the big river that runs through Bangkok. I asked commuters two questions.

First question: "Coup - thumbs up or thumbs down?"
Second question: "Thaksin - thumbs up or thumbs down?"

90% (18/20) thumbs up
10% (2/20) thumbs down

5% (1/20) Thumbs up
10% (2/20) Neither up nor down
85% (17/20) Thumbs down

One person I spoke with at some length was a cheerful banker named Chai Narong -- the only one in my survey who gave Thaksin a thumbs up. Chai said, "Corruption is a long-time-ago problem and Thaksin's just a scapegoat." I got some of Chai's thoughts on video.

Jotman’s Methodology for the River Poll: Of the 25 Thai people I approached, five declined to participate. Of those who agreed to answer questions, 13 were men and 7 women. All but 3 were between 20 and 40 years of age. I went out on the ferry boats because I thought I could get fairly mixed demographic as a ride costs under $.30. Asking 2 questions served as a check to reduce the chance of misunderstanding.

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