Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crossing the Bridge

After taking photos of the "big gun" at the intersection, I spoke with a Thai man. He said that there were more tanks, cross the bridge, at end of the street -- straight ahead. It would be a short walk.

But just before I headed off a horn sounded. A car swirved at high speed around the tank, narrowly missing it. The tank situated in the very center of the intersection was all but invisible to an unwary driver. (Note to Thai military: distribute reflective plates for your tanks for the next coup).

Across the bridge, at the next intersection were several more tanks, (I will download the photo here when blogger allows me too). At this very dark, unlit intersection I met a Spanish journalist who had just arrived this evening in Bangkok from an assignment in Cambodia. Bangkok was to be her "holiday." Some holiday.

The troops at this intersection were a bit tense, and kept onlookers away.

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