Thursday, March 2, 2006

India's an ally, so its nukes are cool Bush

Just caught Bush's news conference in New Deli with the Indian PM. Key background point: the US has blocked nuclear cooperation with India in the past becuase India has pursued its nuclear weapons program outside the auspices of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. IAEA hasn't been allowed to inspect India's reactors. Well, it looks like Bush has just signed an agreement that makes a mockery of the nonproliferation treaty. Apparently Bush has agreed that the IAEA should have access to inspecting India's civilian nuclear reactors (but not its military reactors). Also, apparently the agreement helps to open the door to US defense contractors: there's talk of selling over a hundred US fighter jets to India. From Reuters:

...New Delhi would commit itself to certain nonproliferation standards including allowing international inspections of its civilian nuclear plants.

In return, it would gain access to U.S. civilian nuclear technology, including fuel and reactors denied for 30 years. India's military facilities would not be subject to inspections under the deal.

- The agreement hinges on India separating its nuclear facilities into civilian and military components.

Sounds like a sham deal from the perspective of the international community, and US security, which demands that non-proliferation agreement be upheld. Jotman believes non-proliferation ought to be the the number one US national security priority. Period. The logic is simply this: only WMDs pose a serious military threat to the US homeland. The fewer countries that have nukes, the better. It's a no brainer: it's not in the national security interest of the US to do anything that could be interpreted as undermining the sanctity of the non-proliferation ethic. So the US should be upholding and strengthening existing nonproliferation agreements, not risk being seen as bending the rules to satisfy a new ally. In this case, the Indians.

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