Thursday, July 31, 2003

What Drives Bush Administration Foreign Policy?

Central to the Bush administration's approach to defense policy appears to be a desire to punish those who have snubbed it. Thus, we find that the Pentagon is about to spend billions of dollars to move US bases out of Germany and into Eastern Europe. Certainly the cost of living is lower in Eastern Europe and it is closer to some hot spots writes Lawrence Korb in a NY Times editorial The Pentagon's Eastern Obsession. However, Korb explains that Easter Europe's transportation infrastructure is inferior to Western Europe meaning slower troop deployment times, the new bases will have to be built as the Soviet ones are in a state of decay, and these governments (unlike Germany) are not in a position to help pay some of the costs for keeping US troops there. I don't see the Bush administration's foreign policy as being dictated by national security interests, or even strategic forethought about securing oil reserves for US industry. Petty grudges against old allies can't be the whole story here either. I suspect that the Bush foreign policy is simply a calculated strategy to profit members of the administration and their financial backers through military and energy contracts on one hand and tax cuts on the other. Will new bases in Eastern Europe be constructed Texas based companies with links to the administration? I’d like to know the answer to this question.

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