Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photos of Burma Cyclone survivors - taken day before army made them leave

A Jotman exclusive.

Recently I spoke with Tobias Grote-Beverborg, Asia correspondent for Deutsche Welle. Tobias had recently returned from Rangoon, where on the remote outskirts of the city, he visited survivors of a village that had been decimated by Cyclone Nagris. Tobias has kindly supplied Jotman with photos from his visit with these cyclone survivors.

The truly shocking story behind the photos -- as told by Tobias to Jotman -- is recored in this Jotman post. Our discussion raised some new and distrubing questions which I addressed in that blog post.

Update: Tobias has just emailed me his "after photos". That is, the photos he took of the same roadside the following day -- it's a crime scene. You can view these here.
I would like to express my appreciation to Tobias for kindly allowing me to post these photographs at Jotman. English translations of news reports for Deutsche Welle by Tobias Grote-Beverborg relating to his trip to Burma are available at the Deutsche Welle website (see here, here and here). The website SouthAsia.de is the place to go for English language reports from Tobias and other outstanding Deutsche Welle correspondents in Asia.

Photographs All Rights Reserved.

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