Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OWS Protesters Occupy Congress

Jan. 17th marked the first day of a new session of Congress.   The Occupy or OWS movement scheduled a rally to coincide with the opening.

The decision was not without controversy.  Occupy began as a movement directed against Wall Street, against the too-powerful institutions that have come to have enormous influence over Congress.   To shoot at mere political representatives could be seen to miss the target.   But then again, it is argued that in today's corporate state it's hard to say where business ends and politics begins; if Congress is viewed as an extension of Wall Street, bringing Occupy Wall Street to Congress seems like a sensible idea.

One fact besides the weather made it convenient for demonstrators to come to D.C. in the middle of January:  two "Occupy" encampments have remained in the city.

Tax dollars at work.   As usual, security was excessive.

Protesters outside Rayburn Office Building.  Other protesters went inside to meet with their representatives.

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