Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mass arrests as Occupy DC takes on K-Street

Photos of the Occupy DC demonstration Tuesday on K-Street.

Over 70 protesters were arrested in Washington D.C. Tuesday when Occupy DC took over a section of K-Street around noon. Protesters blocked intersections with tables, newspaper vending boxes, and their own bodies. Mass arrests took place in the early afternoon.

Traffic was snarled in the capital both on account of the protest on K-Street and the fact many roads had been blocked of as a security measure for a political event at a nearby hotel. 

The police had the decency not to show up in riot gear or send any military trucks.

"I'll be out in time for the General Assembly tonight.  I'm not going to miss that," a protester said.  

I asked onlookers how many protesters lay on the street. Estimates ranged from thirty to forty.

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