Friday, October 7, 2011

OWS takes on the US Chamber of Commerce

Protesters brought their own letters.

A large number of anti-war protesters and Occupy Wall Street (OWS) supporters joined forces in a march through downtown Washington D.C. Thursday.  The event kicked off "Occupy Washington D.C."

The protesters marched from Freedom Plaza (HQ for Occupy Washington) past the US Treasury building to the White House.  They then made their way across Lafayette Park to the United States Chamber of Commerce building.

There they stopped.

The Chamber of Commerce lobbies hard for deregulation on behalf of the country's largest corporations.  On the front side of the building facing the White House are massive signs that spell out the word "JOBS."

US Chamber, meet Anonymous.
Packed together tightly on the street, the protesters shouted:  "Where are the jobs?"

The sign had been up there two years.  It was a very good question.
Members of the US Chamber of Commerce have plenty of cash, but they aren't hiring American workers.

For years, the US Chamber of Commerce has lobbied hard for laws that make it easy for companies to outsource American jobs and bring in low-paid temporary workers from overseas.

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