Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol shot in Bangkok during NYT interview


The New York Times is reporting that Maj Gen Khattiya (alias Seh Daeng) was shot in the head during an interview with the newspaper in Bangkok.   He was being interviewed by Times correspondent Thomas Fuller.   According to news reports compiled by Bangkok Pundit, who is live-blogging the situation, Khattiya is unconscious. 

The red shirts protesters, occupying a portion of downtown Bangkok, have just been subjected to an army blockade. An violent crackdown may be imminent.

I previously blogged about renegade Thai army leader and writer Khattiya Sawasdipol. See this post for background on this most colorful and controversial character.

Update 1: CNN correspondent Dan Rivers tweets "CNN has footage of seconds after Seh Daeng being shot - watch CNN for more...."  I suppose CNN will post it here.

Update 2: Jounalists twittering from BKK streets include Newley, Journotopia (Andrew Marshall).  Marshall described the situation half an hour ago as "Eerie, tense."  Richard Barlow has updated his "Bangkok Dangerous" map to show the present location of red shirt protesters.  Areas to avoid are indicated.

Update 3:  About 11pm BKK time (12pm in NYC), Andrew Marshall tweeted "More gunfire. Soldiers are shooting live rounds on unarmed protesters."  Then he tweeted that "(Agnes) Dherbeys and another photographer say soldiers opened fire again as ambulances tried to rescue wounded."    Due to the extremely dangerous nature of the situation, Marshall then tweeted that Reuters news agency was pulling its staff.

Japanese TV has a video of Seh Daeng taken just after he was shot (hat-tip BP). 

Update 4:  I just posted a live-blog of events in Bangkok on May 14, 2010

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