Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Obama could learn from Cheney

I took the above photo of Dick Cheney. I'll say this for Cheney: unlike the current occupant of the White House, the former VP has spoken with a sense of conviction on the topic of torture. Seizing the vacuum of national leadership on the issue, Cheney is on the offensive, promising to stand up for anyone who followed his orders. That's what a leader says. Thanks to Obama's "let's move on" blather regarding the most serious crimes, Cheney is actually staking out some moral ground for himself (call it "honor among thieves"). I can't think of anyone associated with the Obama Administration who has shown Cheney's tenacity on the other side of the debate. And I think that's appalling.

Who would have imagined it would come to this?

Watch this video of Shepherd Smith. When a Fox News anchor is speaking out against the crimes of the Bush Administration more forcefully than any high-profile Democrat, you have to wonder what all that talk about "change" was really about:

Shepherd Smith understands that his country is not only a place, but an idea. In connection with this issue, Smith is also to be commended for his use of a four-letter word here.

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