Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seven bloggers

I photographed the above-pictured bloggers at the G20 summit in London. Who are they? What did they have to say about the experience? 1) Vikki Chowney of Bitch Buzz: "it was the diversity of the group that made the few days and coverage of it so rich.";
Rowan Davies of Mums Net: "Security clearance involved being bussed to a deserted industrial site in docklands. It felt very much as though we were all going to be shot"; Dave Walker of Church Times twittered: "G20voice bloggers driving around Docklands in coach entirely lost."
2) Sam Graham-Felsen of Blue State Digital: "Many of the bloggers I’ve spoken to here say that media access for bloggers is unheard of in their countries"; Cheryl Conte of Jack and Jill Politics: "It was cool to be there and see the respect and admiration he commands. Def one of my proudest moments as an African-American and like Obama, one of very few in the room." 3) Daudi Were of Mental Acrobatics: "Coming from Kenya where our former president . . . looted Kenya for over 20 years stashing away billions in these tax havens, my position is not that surprising." 4) Todd Lucier of Canada's Climate Cafe: "We’re getting access to people that has traditional media’s mouth watering!"


  1. Thanks for including me in this piece my friend. I checked my Google analytics last week and had 281 visits from Thailand. I had to say I was wondering where they had found me! Fantastic to meet you :)

  2. Hey Vikki,

    I'm happy to hear that Thailand has at last discovered Vikki. It's a pleasure to think I played a role with the introduction!


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