Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bloggers talk climate change at the G20

"This is so brilliant having bloggers in the front row" exclaimed Todd Lucier of Climate Cafe.

No sooner had Bob Geldof finished giving exclusive interviews to G20 bloggers than Ed Miliband, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change dropped by to talk with us. Thirty-nine year old Miliband comes across as energetic and engaged. Personally, I found the discussion something of a reality-check.

What could be more obvious than the need use the crisis as an opportunity to invest in climate and environment friendly technologies and infrastructure? That's certainly the way I think.

Yet, Miliband was forthright that a lot more needed to be done to build a consensus that stimulus spending could be a way to achieve environmental goals.

"We've still got massive work to do to see that people see that you can do both together" said Miliband.

Most of us can easily see that economics-as-usual has proven environmentally ruinous; we understand that if countries are going to put themselves into debt to stimulate recovery and growth - levying a tax on the young and future generations -- then it's just common sense that governments invest in sustainable ways of life.

To be told that at such a basic level we have work to do! Time is slipping away.

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