Monday, January 12, 2009

Prof. Giles Ji Ungpakorn charged with lese majeste

Thai university professor Giles Ji Ungpakorn has been charged with "lese majeste," the crime of insulting the Thai monarchy. The offense carries a 15 year prison sentence under Thai law.

Giles' website is Wdpress. In the aftermath of the 2006 coup, he released a book entitled, A coup for the rich.

Giles has been outspoken in his opposition to the PAD protest group that shut down the airports in November. The political party that backed the protests was brought to power in December 2008 by a court ruling against the leadership of the then governing party.

Bangkok Pundit (BP) has more on the charges against Giles. Also charged with insulting the monarchy are BBC reporter Jonathan Head who was charged twice -- see here, and, on the more recent charge, here. Also charged with lese majeste is the Australian author Harry Nicolaides who was denied bail once again in December.

Thai citizen Ms. Boonyuen Prasertying was just sentenced to 6 years for lese majeste. Also, Boonyuen was sentenced for "leading a siege," , as BP notes, yet none of those who laid siege to Government House or Bangkok's two airports have been so charged!

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