Sunday, January 11, 2009

Large anti-war protests in London and Paris

If the war in Gaza were to lead to the downfall of a friendly Arab regime, such as Egypt, the outcome of the invasion -- whatever setback Hamas might experience -- would surely count as an unmitigated disaster for Israel. At best, the Gaza war has made it much harder and riskier for friendly Arab countries to be seen to cooperate with Israel.

Blogger Lenin live-blogged a massive Gaza war protest in London Saturday. Lenin described the protest as "the largest ever pro-Palestinian demonstration in the United Kingdom." He blogged:
. . . there was much more visible condemnation of the Arab regimes that are complicit in this attack. When speakers called for the Egyptian regime to be overthrown, the cheers were among the loudest of the day. For another, there is a great desire that this historic demonstration become the basis for a campaign.
I have surveyed various firsthand accounts of various Gaza protests (here), and Lenin's account stands out for the quality of the observations he makes. It is good to look at photographs of events, but there is only so much that a collection of photos -- or video clips -- can tell us. In today's camera culture, I think we need "firsthand observations put to words" more than ever.

At I have compiled links to first-hand reports of Gaza war demonstrations around the world, and eyewitness bloggers' reports direct from Gaza.


  1. Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza

    "Human Rights Watch said Sunday that Israel's military has fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus into Gaza and a doctor there said the chemical was suspected in the case of 10 burn victims who had skin peeling off their faces and bodies."

    why Condi Rice keeps so silent about it, huh ?
    she was so outraged by alleged bombings of Gori - although in fact that was footage of carnage from Tskhinvali (S. Ossetia). she has traveled all over Europe to instigate the Russia bashing. now though with EVIDENT Israeli atrocities she says no any word !

    Cheney's silence is understandable. he was a boss of Haliburton - and surely he is still deeply involved with military-industrial complex. Condi Rice though, with her Ph.D. in politics - will be condemned for the rest of her life for her hypocrisy.

    well, but then .... she is CFR, and as Collin Powel she will most likely continue her career there, and therefore has ensured successful (materially speaking) future. therefore I guess she doesn't give a rat's ass to whatever condemnations.

    such people (Condi, Cheney, Bush) have no conscience.
    it is an alien concept to them.


  2. she has traveled all over Europe to instigate the Russia bashing. now though with EVIDENT Israeli atrocities she says no any word !

    I heard on Russia Today that Bush plans some kind of executive order binding Georgia and Ukraine to NATO during his last few days in office. I don't know if Condi's trip has something to do with that or not. I agree it is strange behavior!


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