Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jots about the inauguration


People in DC have become surprisingly courteous toward one another. I wonder if this is the influx of visitors from the South. Long-term, I suspect one likely outcome of an Obama presidency will be seeing Americans behave with with greater civility towards one another.

The Mix.

Americans of every social strata mingling on the streets. The lack of automobile access is healthy, forcing everyone to walk, bringing people together into shared public spaces. This does not happen often in this country.


I thought my election evening videos had probably captured the height of Obama exuberance, but scenes tomorrow well may match anything I witnessed on Pennsylvania Avenue on the evening of November 4.


DC is coming to resemble descriptions of the Green Zone. Troops fresh from Iraq, attired in desert fatigues stand at checkpoints nearby armored beige Humvees.

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