Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best of Jotman in 2008

Grouped by several categories, here are some of my personal favorites selected from among my 838 jots of 2008.

Investigative report:
Interview with a Burmese hero:
US political commentary: Thai political commentary:
China political commentary:

"There live" reports:
Most linked-to post:
Post most viewed:

Three photo favorites:

Obama waves hello to Jotman; Indonesian police guard the Presidential Palace during a demonstration; a kite festival in Bangkok.


  1. Well done my friend. You have given a true, unbiased and valid view of the situation in Thailand. It meant something to me because I am married to a Thai living in Ireland and have on going business there. always interested to hear your view. Have a good year.
    king regards
    David higgs

  2. Thanks David! Best wishes for'09.


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