Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Source tells Jotman critical info regarding a recent bomb explosion in Burma

On October 13, 2007 the Bangkok Post reported "a bomb blast which wounded three people at a Burmese hotel further south, across the Moei River from Mae Sot."

On Friday night, an explosion occurred in a hotel in Myawaddy, located just 500 metres from the Thai-Burma Friendship bridge in Tak province.

There was no indication of whether the incident was related to last month's crackdown on Buddhist monks and laity protests.

According to the preliminary investigation, the bomb was believed activated by remote control but the motive or the cause of the incident is still unknown.

I was recently informed by a Thai source that a large hotel in Myawaddy -- the building is located about 500 meters from the bridge up the main road -- is actually not a hotel at all, but a headquarters for the Burmese military (SPDC).

The person I spoke with about the "hotel" did not mention the bombing incident -- likely because he/she had not heard about it.

I think it's safe to assume it's the same hotel.

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