Thursday, September 27, 2007

50,000 Protest in Rangoon, Shots Fired at Protestors, One Dead

Summary of Events in Burma (Myanmar) on September 27
I'm updating this post as information comes in. . .

Last update: 18:30 in Bangkok (18:00 in Rangoon)

Afternoon - Rangoon

- student hit by a bullet in his stomach when soldiers opened fire on protesters near Pasoden Bridge. He has been seriously injured. (Mizzima) Demonstrator shot dead near Pansoden Bridge. (Mizzima) Do these two reports concern the same person? (Jotman)

- Soldiers opening fire on protestors at Magah road near the Kyaikkasan pagoda in Thingankyun Township. (Mizzima)

-30-year old foreigner was injured in the gunfire in Sule. (Mizzima)

- Protestor march has swelled to at least 50,000 and their shouts of "We will Succeed, We will Succeed," reverberated in downtown Rangoon. (Mizzima)

- The protestors who were at Sule Pagoda were dispersed by the shoooting. Dispersed protestors said to be marching towards Tamwe Township. (Irrawaddy)

- Tens of thousands gather at Sule Pagoda. Civilians and monks offered prayers. While praying, three military trucks carrying soldiers arrived. First they fired in the air and then into the crowd. "A bullet hit a man and killed him on the spot" said a witness. (Mizzima) About 10 people were shot by troops trying to disperse the protestors. (Irrawaddy) Troops gave people only two minutes to disperse before they opened fire on protesters. (Mizzima)

- About 400 students and youths have gathered near Burma's notorious Insein prison where pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi -- who had been under house arrest -- is thought to have been moved. (Mizzima)

Noon - Rangoon

- Fire engines and insect spray carrier trucks were seen near Theingyi market in downtown Rangoon, leading to speculation that junta preparing to use insect spray instead of tear gas to crackdown on protesters. (

- Thousands of protesters led by monks march down Anawrattha Street. Security forces are closing in on them. (Mizzima)

- Soldiers and security forces came out of the City Hall near Sule pagoda in downtown Rangoon and blocked the road. (Mizzima)

- Rumours have spread that the Burmese military junta is hiring thugs to dress like Buddhist monks with orders to destroy Muslim mosques, in an attempt to foment religious riots between the Muslim and Buddhist communities. (Mizzima)

Last Night
- 2 monasteries in the East of Rangoon were stormed overnight and 200 monks were arrested (BBC). Mizzima says 5 monasteries raided, including Ngwe Kya Yan in South Okklapah Township, and concurs with BBC on arrest figure of 200. Witness told Mizzima: "There were sounds of beating and screaming from the monastery."

Updates concerning past events
Yesterday's death toll? AFP citing an official, said three people died during the brutal crackdown on demonstrators. Bangkok's 2 English dailies report 5 people were killed.

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