About Jotman

In 2007 Jotman received the Reporters Without Borders Award for his blog, JOTMAN.COM, from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Since then Jotman has blogged various events in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and North America.  In 2009 Oxfam UK invited Jotman to live-blog the G20 summit in London as a part of "G20 Voice".

Jotman - Founder and Editor-in-Chief, JOTMAN NETWORK.
Sanjuro - A fluent Russian speaker, Sanjuro contributes frequent reports on politics, the economy, and human rights issues in Russia and Central Asia based on Russian language media sources.

Tawan -  An enthusiastic Thai observer of ASEAN, Tawan contributes photographs and reports on events in Southeast Asia. 

Sinbad - A Sydney based designer and professional photographer, Sinbad's contributions to JOTMAN.COM range from graphics and video editing to layout and photography.

Other contributors have included Urban Svensson, a Swedish photographer, and

Praise for JOTMAN.COM
Jotman noted the storm devastated Myanmar's main rice-growing region. - CNN

The blog by Jotman (in English), is recognised as one of the region's most interesting sources..  - Reporters Without Borders

. . . (an) example when it comes to freedom of speech . . . an example for others who might find themselves in a dangerous situation."  - PBS/MediaShift 

His subjects range wider still, because this blogger wants nothing less than to promote "creativity and global citizenship. - Der Spiegel

. . . Jotman knows how to cover a crisis - IFEX
Jotman, the writer whose stories led coverage of the military coup in Thailand in 2006 - Pravda   

Reporting more profound than many classical media. . . - Taz 

Good journalism - with interviews, stories and video-made by a good blogger. . . - L'espresso

Jotman . . . The experimental blog . . . - Rede Globo 
Interviewed by Paulette Moore at the DW Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany (Paulette Films).

Interviewed by the Voice of America (Burmese Service)
Contributor, Reporter's Without Borders Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents (2008 edition)

DW Media Forum in Bonn
IPI World Conference in Helsinki
Designated blogger
IPI World Conference in Helsinki
G20 Voice, London G20 Summit